How do I sign up to MPower @ Home?

To sign up simply head to our 'Memberships page' or home page and select the 'Start your7 days FREE trial' this will show you all the membership options to access our UNLIMITED online & livestream platform. You can choose from a month-to-month, 3-monthly or 6-monthly memberships. All memberships renew automatically unless you cancel it BEFORE the renew date.br>

How do I get access to a 7-day FREE trial?

In order to get a 7 day free trial you will need to register and sign up to one of our memberships. Please note you= will only be charged for your membership AFTER your 7 day free trial (so you will receive another invoice before this charge takes place). You can cancel online anytime<

How do I sign up for a LIVE class?

MEMBERS have unlimited access to all live classes - you do NOT need to register. Simply click on the class at the time it goes live and you will be able to watch (alternatively you will receive an email as soon as we go live - click the 'WATCH NOW' button). This button expires as soon as the class ends!

NON-MEMBERS can purchase a drop0in to our LIVE class for just $10.00 - to do this go to the library and under UPCOMING LIVE or LIVE SCHEDULE simply click on the class you wish to register for. Follow the prompts to purchase the class for $10.00. You will receive an email once we go LIVE, or simply click on the class at the start time to access. (Not this is not 24 hr access - you will only get 24 hrs if you purchase a RECORDED LIVE class).

How do I access a 24 hour recorded live class?

ALL our live classes are recorded and will be uploaded to our LIVE LIBRARY within 24 hours AFTER the class ends.

MEMBERS have unlimited access to all recordings - will no expiration date. Simply click on the class you will to complete.

NON-MEMBERS can purchase a RECORDED live class from our library for just$10.00. You WILL get 24 hr access to the class so you can complete whenever you wish in the 24 hour period after purchase.

Note: If you purchase the LIVE class (under upcoming live/live schedule) you willl NOT have access to the recording!

How do I CHANGE or CANCEL my membership?

Log into your account - select account on the top menu. Go to 'Billing'- scroll down to ACTIVE PLAN and under your current plan select 'Change plan'. Here you can choose a different plan or cancel your current plan.

How do I update my Credit card details?

Log into your account - select account on the top menu. Go to 'Billing'- scroll down to 'Payment method' and input your CC details

How do I update my password?

Log into your account - select account on the top menu - select 'Password'- update.

How do I purchase a gift card?

What a perfect way to gift your family, friends or loved ones with a gift to treat themselves! You can purchase any membership (first billing cycle) or select a custom amount under Gift cards. To purchase go to: https://online.mpowerpilates.com.au/gift_cards/new

How I redeem a gift card?

You are one lucky duck! We can't wait to have you join us online. To redeem your gift card, ensure you have the Gift card Redemption CODE and then go to: https://online.mpowerpilates.com.au/gift_card_redemptions/new

More questions, contact us directly?

If you have any further questions we are always available to help, simply email us directly at info@mpowerpilates.com.au, and we will get back to you ASAP.